Unique Threading Salon continues a legacy of precision skills passed down through the generations.

We are the first salon in North America to offer sugaring and have created our own signature recipe. As pioneers in beauty and wellness, we offer a broad spectrum of rewarding services, including the ancient technique of threading, Brazilian waxing, henna eyebrow tinting and body art, body massage treatment, and unique facial treatments. Incorporating botanicals, ancient minerals, diamond particles, pearls, gold particles, and specialized formulas, we not only pamper your face but improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Best Sugaring & Waxing Salon in the Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan, and Flatiron, NY area

As a top rated salon in Midtown Manhattan, NY Area, Unique Threading Salon provides unmatched quality at much lower prices than our competitors. We look forward to assisting in your beauty routine and share your pleasure in the results. Our artists welcome walk-ins and return clients and uphold exacting hygienic standards.

From sculpting the ideal eyebrow shape and rejuvenating the glow and elasticity of the skin to minimizing the pain of hair removal, Unique Threading Salon always ensures a positive experience.

Unique Threading Salon follows the Ayurvedic tradition, focusing on overall balance and harmony. Our approach to beauty and relaxation is designed to improve quality of life. The estheticians from Unique Threading Salon look forward to taking very good care of you. There are many reasons, above and beyond our affordable prices, why we’re known as the hidden gem of NYC.