Waxing is a popular hair removal option that dates back to ancient Egypt.

Unique Threading Salon continues this effective technique with a specialized formula that includes honey. Full of antioxidants, our process acts as a natural antibacterial agent and brings moisture to the skin. Waxing works to take away dead cells, exfoliating the skin and leaving a brand-new, smooth layer. By removing hair from the root, waxing achieves effective results for three to four weeks.

Expert Waxing Services

Waxing weakens the hair follicles, often thinning regrowth and eliminates hyperpigmentation, a condition where dark spots appear on skin after shaving. There’s no itching, no cuts from razors, and the process is safe and affordable. At Unique Threading Salon, we excel at Brazilian wax services in Chelsea, Midtown Manhattan, and Flatiron, NY. We take the time and care to ensure a smooth final result with no risk of burning.

Turn to Unique Threading Salon for safe, effective waxing hair removal!

Our expert and experienced estheticians adhere to uncompromising hygienic standards and uphold exceptional quality of service. Unique Threading Salon is the hidden jewel of NYC, welcoming walk-ins and returning clients to our state-of-the-art salon.